Being Together

The virtual World Scout Conference and Youth Forum will provide many opportunities to connect, be together, and feel united as a Movement. Delegates are encouraged to consider and plan for how they will participate and engage during the events. Depending on the pandemic restrictions in your country, you may choose to meet together as a delegation in a physical space to work together and enjoy the event experience as a team. 

Being Together

Theme and symbolic framework

The theme “Bridging the World” highlights the desire to strengthen the unity of the Scout Movement and connect young people globally, helping them share their experiences and embrace cultural differences in creating a more peaceful world. The theme challenges Scouting to continue to build a lasting foundation that will transport us into the future where growth, innovation and shared leadership can flourish. The theme will inspire participants to take action to build virtual bridges in their communities.

Being Together

Opening and closing ceremonies

In any Scout event, the opening and closing ceremonies are defining moments that bring people together. These ceremonies at the Conference and Youth Forum will highlight the unity of our Movement, while creating opportunities to have fun and celebrate the achievements of the last four years. More information about the opening and closing ceremonies, and how you can contribute to these moments, will be available soon.

Being Together

Networking and meeting spaces

The virtual Conference and Youth Forum will offer a number of opportunities to network with new people and old friends. Each delegate will be able to meet with other participants individually or in small groups using the digital participation platform, or by joining the many themed and organised networking sessions taking place throughout the events. Learn more about the networking spaces and how to connect with other participants by joining one of the digital participation platform demo webinars.

Being Together

Social opportunities

As part of the Conference and Youth Forum event experience, participants can take part in friendly competitions through the digital participation platform, use the digital photo booth to snap pictures, complete international patrol challenges, attend international events, and experience other fun and exciting moments. Explore the gamification aspects of the digital participation platform to earn points and rise up the leaderboard! 

Being Together

Participant Packs

Every National Scout Organization that registered to attend the events will receive a physical participant pack for their participants so that you can feel part of the experience together. We will mail participant packs including Scouting and Conference merchandise to each National Scout Organization in advance of the events.

Get ready to attend

Registration opening soon!

Get ready to join us for the virtual 14th World Scout Youth Forum and 42nd World Scout Conference. International Commissioners can register their NSO delegations free of charge to receive all the latest news and information about the events, and get access to the digital participation platform to be part of the action


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