Code of Conduct

Conference and Youth Forum Code of Conduct

As fellow Scouts and Leaders in the Scout Movement, we follow the Scout Promise and Law and it is our responsibility to keep these commitments. The Conference and Youth Forum are unique virtual events with special rules. Please review these important reminders below and commit to the Code of Conduct during the event. 
As a participant or as a Scout at the Conference or Youth Forum, I agree to behave in full accordance with the following Code of Conduct: 
  • I am aware that I am a representative of the Scout Movement and will follow the Scout Promise and Law at all times before and during my participation in the Conference and Youth Forum. 
  • I will be respectful, tolerant, and considerate of other cultures. 
  • I will obey the safety rules, signs and instructions given by the event planning teams
  • I will follow the Conference and Youth Forum programme and participate respectfully in the activities, meetings and discussions. 
  • I understand that gambling of any form is prohibited. 
  • I will avoid behavior issues including discrimination, dishonesty, fighting, and demeaning or abusive language. I will avoid making inappropriate remarks based on discriminative grounds that could make someone feel uncomfortable or discriminated against. 
  • I will comply with all elements of the World Safe from Harm Policy and WOSM Code of Conduct to prevent abuse and harassment. 
  • I will work to make the Conference and Youth Forum a safe space for the exchange of ideas and debate of different views to further the aims of Scouting. 
  • I will treat everyone equally, irrespective of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, socioeconomic background, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender expression or any other basis of discrimination, abstaining from any direct or indirect discrimination as well as any form of harassment. 
  • I will proactively work to create an inclusive and respectful environment that is safe for all, at both the formal and informal parts of the Conference and Youth Forum.  
  • I will respect and protect the rights of all other Conference and Youth Forum participants, regardless of age, rank or experience to express their views and opinions in the event proceedings. 
  • I will respect the democratic process of the Conference and Youth Forum and abide by the rules and processes outlined for decision-making in the events
  • I understand that I have a duty to report and assist in case I observe a breach of this Code of Conduct. Not reporting or assisting is considered a violation of this Code of Conduct. 

All breaches of the Code of Conduct for the Conference and Youth Forum should be reported to the organisers by:  

The organising team will support you and take any necessary action to enforce this Code of Conduct during the Conference and Youth Forum. If the matter cannot be resolved via the procedure above, it may be escalated by submitting a complaint to as per the WOSM Complaints Policy.  
Violation of this Code of Conduct, and any other conduct deemed to be inconsistent with the values of Scouting, may result in removal from the Conference and Youth Forum and further disciplinary action may be taken based on guidance outlined in WOSM Code of Conduct. 
To ensure that all participants are aware of and adhere to the Code of Conduct for the Conference and Youth Forum, all participants must take the two mandatory Safe from Harm e-learning courses and share the certificate of completion with their Head of Delegation:

Participants who do not complete these e-learning courses prior to the Conference and Youth Forum will not be able to participate in the events.