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Day 1 highlights from the Youth Forum

We’ve officially opened the largest World Scout Youth Forum! On day 1 of the event, more than 700 young people gathered virtually from across the Movement to embark on an exciting Youth Forum journey and engage in decisionmaking, networking and learning opportunities.
Meeting new friends is an essential part of Scouting and you had the chance to connect and work in your International Teams for the first time. Throughout the event you will build a Personal Action Plan to reflect on your experiences, and take back learnings to put into action after the event. 
The Scouting spirit was also strong throughout the day starting with the renewal of the Scout Promise during the opening plenary session and we challenged participants to have some fun by learning the Youth Forum Dance!
Innovation, leadership and global citizenship
Being leaders of change and serving our communities is what identifies us as Scouts – it’s at the heart of what we do. Over the next five days together, the themes of innovation, leadership and global citizenship will be our focus where you will have the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas on how young people can best contribute to creating a better world. 
Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, delivered an engaging keynote speech during the opening plenary session and shared some inspiring words for us all to keep in mind during the event.
We need young people and the 57 million members of the Scout Movement to lead the way in this decade of action. I look forward to the outcomes of this Forum and continuing to work handinhand with all of you to realise a world where no young person is left behind.”
A number of breakout sessions were also offered on day 1, enabling you to learn how leadership and dialogue skills can promote peace and mutual understanding. Don’t miss the dialogue and sustainability workshop starting on day 2.  
Voting and decisionmaking
We hope you learned how the eVoting System will work and engaged in the voting process to appoint a Drafting Committee and Tellers, as well as approve the Rules of Procedure to guide the process of making decisions during the World Scout Youth Forum. 
You also had an opportunity to meet the 18 Youth Advisor candidates from across the globe who are running for election. Voting will open on 19 August to elect six of the candidates to become the next Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee
Important deadlines
Remember the deadline to submit inputs to the Youth Forum Declaration is 20 August at 21:00 GMT. We look forward to your proposals. 
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Day 1 highlights from the Youth Forum