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Delivering support to NSOs through cutting-edge WOSM Services

This triennium, World Scouting embarked on a journey to revamp our support to National Scout Organizations (NSOs) by developing a cutting-edge WOSM Services platform powered by a team of trained Consultants. This approach is transforming the way we operate as a global Movement by strengthening connections between our Regional Support Centres and pioneering a fresh, service-oriented approach to the way we serve and support NSOs. 
WOSM Services features accessible resources, e-learning courses and in-person and remote support to offer Member Organizations the necessary tools to enhance their operations and promote good practices across the Movement. This triennium, more than 200 WOSM Consultants across all Regions were trained to assists with offering these capacity strengthening services to Member Organizations.
Since the launch of WOSM Services in 2018, a total of 518 Services have been delivered across 13 support areas to more than 125 NSOs, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to develop growth strategies, implement Safe from Harm policies and practices, communicate Scouting’s impact, leverage partnership opportunities, and innovate their Youth Programmes. 
A library of more than 700 resources, best practices, publications, guides, toolkits and e-learning courses in multiple languages are freely available online for NSOs and Scout Leaders to access to support the delivery of Scouting at all levels
During the COVID-19 pandemic when providing support in-person was not possible, the National Association of Cambodian Scouts was among the many Member Organizations to took advantage of virtual services delivered by WOSM. They became the first NSO to undergo a virtual assessment using the Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT), World Scouting’s Quality Standard, to measure the compliance of their NSO towards international best practices in good governance and quality Scouting.
The Scout Association of El Salvador also embarked on a journey to bring to life the Better World Framework initiatives in their country with support from a WOSM Services Consultant. Together with a committed team of 10 Rover Scouts, they developed guidelines for the national implementation of the Scouts of the World Award and outlined the design and implementation of their first Scouts of the World discovery event. 
The WOSM Services initiative is aimed at reimagining how WOSM delivers more value to NSOs. Since its launch the results and ratings of service delivery have been truly remarkable. During our evaluations, when NSOs who received a service were asked how likely they would be to recommend WOSM Services to another NSO they responded with a net promoter score of 8.91 out of 10. The knowledge, quality, and professionalism of service delivery by WOSM Consultants were also rated at an average of 4.5 out of 5.
Our special thanks go out to all the incredible volunteer Consultants and World Scout Bureau Staff who dedicated countless hours and energy, both in-person and online, to support NSOs, particularly, under exceptional circumstances occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read the 2017-2021 Triennial Report to discover more about the impact of WOSM Services and other achievements over the last triennium.

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Delivering support to NSOs through cutting-edge WOSM Services