Draft Resolutions

Draft Resolutions are decisions that are proposed to the World Scout Conference. Member Organizations vote on these Draft Resolutions at the Conference, which direct the future of WOSM.

Important deadlines

  • 25 April 2021 – Draft Resolutions proposed by the World Scout Committee will be released by the World Scout Bureau
  • 25 May 2021 – Deadline for Member Organizations to propose Draft Resolutions
  • 25 June 2021 – Draft Resolutions proposed by Member Organizations will be released by the World Scout Bureau
  • 36 hours before the first voting session on Draft Resolutions – deadline for submitting amendments to Draft Resolutions

Note that in accordance with Rule 6.1.d, Draft Resolutions pertaining to the following topics need to be submitted by 25 February 2021:

  • Admission & expulsion of Member Organizations
  • Annual registration fee rate
  • Major change of policy

Submission process and support

Step 1: Follow the Resolution and Amendment Guidelines (Conference Document 2b)
Step 2: Fill out the Draft Resolution template
Step 3: Include the proposing and seconding Member Organization(s) name, country and signature of the Official contact recorded in the World Scouting Directory
Step 4: Send to resolutions@scout.org by the deadline of 25 May 2021

Resolution and Amendment Guidelines

Providing information for developing and proposing a Draft Resolution, including a workbook section to prompt important questions for consideration.
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Conference Resolutions Database

Access to all business Resolutions adopted by the World Scout Conference since 1920 to assist with understanding past decisions.
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Regional Support

Regional staff and volunteers are available to support or direct support to the right person throughout the drafting process of a resolution.

Resolutions Committee

Composed of experienced and culturally diverse members, the Resolutions Committee is available to support between April and August 2021.
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