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Engaging virtual Conference and Youth Forum agendas now available

The provisional agendas for the World Scout Conference and Youth Forum are now available online for all delegations and participants to review. The Conference and Youth Forum programme is designed to offer participants the opportunity to come together as a united Movement and join plenary sessions, educational workshops, social activities and virtual exhibitions through a variety of live and on-demand content.

The Youth Forum programme provides an opportunity for young people to explore key issues around the topics of innovation, global citizenship, education for sustainable development, health and well-being, and much more. Participants will also have the chance during the programme to engage in decision-making processes and develop personal action plans that they can take back to their National Scout Organizations.

During the Youth Forum, participants will elect six Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee, and work together in International Teams to discuss and propose Draft Amendments to the Conference Resolutions which Member Organizations have the opportunity to take forward to the Conference. Participants will also work to produce a Youth Forum Declaration sharing the opinions and perspectives of young people about what is most important to them for the future of Scouting.

The Conference programme showcases the work achieved during the 2017-2021 triennium, and will engage Member Organizations in making key decisions about the future direction of the Scout Movement. Delegates will take decisions about Conference proposals, select the Hosts for upcoming World Scout Events, and elect twelve Voting Members to the World Scout Committee.

Dozens of capacity strengthening workshops on everything from WOSM Services to Safe from Harm to Adults in Scouting will be run throughout the event.

During the events, registered participants will be able to customise their agendas to register and join specific sessions on the digital participation platform. The Conference and Youth Forum agendas will further enable other young people, guests and partners who are not attending the events to follow the programme online, and tune into the plenary sessions which will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube channels.

For more information visit the provisional agendas now online to make the most of your Conference and Youth Forum experience.

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Engaging virtual Conference and Youth Forum agendas now available