Federação Escutista de Portugal

Bidding for the 17th World Scout Moot (2025)

The World Scout Moot takes place every four years in a different country. It is an event for senior sections (traditionally called Rovers) and other young adult members, usually gathering up to 5,000 people. Moots provide an opportunity for young adults in Scouting to meet together and take part in activities that enable them to become active global citizens.  Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 25  at the time of the event. Individuals who are 26 years or older can take part as International Service Team members.

Federação Escutista de Portugal

Motivational statement

Federação Escutista de Portugal (FEP) is strongly motivated and believes that hosting the 17th World Scout Moot will engage Scouts in acquiring best practices in cooperation, solidarity and mutual understanding with each other and local communities. Participants will have the opportunity to develop their competencies and skills by having a direct impact on their local, national and international communities, and will foster personal development by embracing the values of a peaceful equal society.

The World Scout Moot will promote the development of the Rover section programme around the world by sharing best practices between participants – and namely the Portuguese experience, considering the importance and strong tradition of the Rover programme in Portuguese Scouting. It will allow participants to visit and explore Portugal and its many opportunities, enabling future activities in partnership with Portuguese Scouts, both in Portugal and abroad.

Federação Escutista de Portugal

Proposed event dates

17th World Scout Moot








Federação Escutista de Portugal

Proposed event location

Buçaquinho Regional Scout Centre

Main camp area will be the Buçaquinho Regional Scout Centre, municipality of Ovar, by the Atlantic Ocean

Federação Escutista de Portugal

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Bid details

Read the full details of the bid in Conference Document 3 – Invitations to Host future World Scout Events

Engaging with the bidder

Different opportunities will be available during the Conference to meet the bidders of the future World Scout Events, including through the Conference Exhibitions space and their formal presentations in plenary. Hear their ideas and plans for these events, and get ready for decision-making during the Conference.


Federação Escutista de Portugal