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Ensuring good governance

The organisation of the Youth Forum and Conference includes important officer roles which are filled by a diverse and expert team of individuals from across the Movement. These roles help to ensure good governance and smooth delivery of the events by providing oversight, leading the meeting and supporting institutional processes. A few of these event officer roles are highlighted below.

Youth Forum Chairperson

The Chairperson of the World Scout Youth Forum is elected by the Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee, and is endorsed by the Committee. The role of the Chairperson is to lead the Youth Forum meeting and ensure a productive decision-making process in accordance with the Youth Forum Guidelines and Rules of Procedure.


Diana Carrillo

Speaks English, French and Spanish

Diana Carrillo is currently a Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee, as well as a member of the National Board for the Mexico National Scout Organization. She works for the United Nations in Mexico advocating for youth rights. For Diana, having strong governance for the Movement brings a sense of unity and direction to facilitate membership growth. Through Scouting, Diana appreciates the opportunity to make friends which feel like family and for young people to become agents of change around the world.

Conference Chairpersons

The Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of the World Scout Conference are elected by the World Scout Committee. The role of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons is to lead the Conference meeting and ensure a productive decision-making process in accordance with WOSM’s Constitution and the Conference Rules of Procedure.


Param Palany


Speaks English, Malay and Tamil

Param Palany is the National Commissioner of the Malaysia National Scout Organization, responsible for legal matters and intellectual properties. He also serves as a volunteer in the Asia-Pacific Scout Region and as a WOSM Consultant for Growth. Param is a lawyer by profession and his firm serves both Malaysia and the United Kingdom. What motivates him is the training, fun, people, teamwork, and most importantly, life skills that one gains through Scouting.


Djuna Bernard


Speaks English, French, Luxembourgish and German

Djuna Bernard has previously been the International Commissioner for the Luxembourg National Scout Organization and was a Coordinator in the European Scout Region for communications and partnerships. She currently serves as an adult volunteer, trainer, and president of the Luxembourgish Scout Parliamentarians. She is Vice-President and the youngest member of Luxembourg’s Parliament. WOSM’s governance structure inspires her as a true example of a decision-making process that empowers individuals and young people around the world.


Mohammad Omar (MO)


Speaks English and Arabic

Mohammad Omar is the International Commissioner of the Egypt National Scout Organization, and most recently served as head of the organising committee of the 14th Arab Scout Conference and 4th Arab Scout Youth Forum; Mohammad was also a member of the planning team for the 2019 World Non-Formal Education Forum. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Cortex International which specialises in management consulting. Scouting is meaningful to Mohammad because of its approach towards building character, creating a better world and offering intergenerational and intercultural experiences.

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee is a diverse and experienced group of members that supports National Scout Organizations through the process of developing and submitting proposals to the World Scout Conference. During the Conference, the Resolutions Committee is responsible for consolidating all proposals from Member Organizations and presenting them in a report to the Conference (see the institutional timeline for more details). The Conference formally votes to endorse the Resolutions Committee during its Opening Session.


Emmanuel Vete

Speaks English, French and Portuguese

Emmanuel Vete is currently Vice-President of the National Board of the Angola National Scout Organization, a volunteer for the Africa Scout Region and WOSM Consultant for GSAT and Good Governance. Emmanuel is a Geologist by profession and coordinates regional explorations through his work. The decision-making and good governance of WOSM is important to sees the fruition of Scouting’s mission and to be able to support young people.


Imane Cheraigane

Speaks English, French and Arabic

Imane Cheraigane is the National Commissioner for the Cub Scout section of the Moroccan National Scout Organization and is currently the Chairperson of the Arab Scout Region’s programme sub-committee. Professionally she is an official at the Supreme Court of the Judiciary for Morocco. For Imane, having strong regulations and good governance for WOSM is important to ensure the organisation is not poorly exposed. Imane believes Scouting is special because of the various experiences and apprenticeship opportunities that it offers to members.


Mónica Figueroa

Speaks English, Spanish, French (basic) and Portuguese (basic)

Mónica Figueroa is the International Commissioner for the Colombia National Scout Organization and is a member of the World Scout Committee’s Constitutions Committee. She is a constitutional lawyer and currently works as a professor of human rights. She loves how Scouting builds connections and friendships across borders with a common goal of creating a better world.


Oscar Sundås

Speaks English, Swedish and German (basic)

Oscar Sundås was recently a member of the National Board of the Swedish National Scout Organization and is currently a local Scout Leader and volunteer with the European Scout Region. His professional experience is in the tourism bus sector for the Swedish Bus and Coach Federation. Developing inclusive and transparent democratic processes is what good governance is all about for Oscar and has a particular importance in today’s context of meeting virtually due to impacts of COVID-19. He appreciates how Scouting is a strong community and really makes a difference in the lives of many young people around the world.


Rafael Macedo

Speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German (basic)

Rafael Macedo is Chairman of the Brazil National Scout Organization. Professionally he is a corporate lawyer, founder and member of the Administrative Board of Instituto Alok, professor of business law and author of books and articles on human rights,economic law and development. For Rafael, good governance of any organisation is important to support management to be “the best they can be” for the best results. Scouting is special to him because it is a Movement of millions of people around the world all working together for the true belief that it is possible to build a better world.


Wanyada Budhtranon

Speaks English and Thai

Wanyada Budhtranon is the National Coordinator of the Messengers of Peace initiative and supports the international efforts of the Thai National Scout Organization. Professionally she is a school director, and works with international non-profit organisations, such as the World Organization of Early Childhood Education, Rotary International and others. For Wanyada, decision-making and good governance in WOSM is about setting an example and guidance to align our educational approach. Scouting is key for her in developing young people as active citizens by connecting them to the diversity of the world around them and enabling positive changes in society through community service and good deeds.

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