Conference Exhibitions


Virtual exhibition area

The World Scout Conference and Youth Forum will feature a dedicated virtual exhibition area on the digital participation platform to enable Member Organizations and other key partners to showcase their good practices, activities, programmes and events.


Register your exhibition

Member Organizations and other partners must register to host a virtual exhibition, and will be offered guidance and support about how to create an accessible and engaging exhibition experience for event participants. To express interest to host a virtual exhibition during the events, please fill in the registration form by 15 June.


An immersive exhibition experience

Discover the diverse world of Scouting! See key activities and initiatives led by Member Organizations, learn more about support offered through WOSM Services, meet Scouting partners to explore opportunities for collaboration, and find out how to participate in upcoming World Scout Events.

Through the digital participation platform, participants will be able to visit various virtual exhibitions and interact directly with exhibitors to learn more about a specific Scouting topics, projects, services and initiatives. The platform will also allow exhibitors to present multimedia content, organise live meetings and send messages to participants.


Key exhibition areas

Scouting Around the World

This exhibition area will centre around networking activities for Member Organizations to exchange good practices, experiences, programmes, training opportunities and invitations to international events.

World Scouting Showcase

A series of virtual stands that will guide participants through the most important initiatives and developments in World Scouting during this extended Triennium. Explore how our work contributes to providing the best support possible to Member Organizations to strengthen their capacity and deliver better Scouting activities and programmes to more young people worldwide. Virtual booths will allow participants to explore Scouting resources and connect with volunteers, consultants and staff involved in the implementation of World Scouting initiatives and the delivery of WOSM Services.

WOSM Partners

Explore the global nature of the Scout Movement. Our partners from leading international organisations, networks and agencies will showcase projects and opportunities for cooperation. Also discover how the Global Youth Mobilization is taking action to improve lives of young people now and in a post-pandemic world.

World Events

Hosts of World Scout Events will invite participants to learn more about their plans for the 16th World Scout Moot in 2022 and the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Get the latest updates and promotional materials sharing how National Scout Organizations, contingents and young people can prepare for and participate in these upcoming events.

Candidates to Host World Scout Events

Meet the candidates who are bidding to host future World Scout Events, including the 43rd World Scout Conference and 15th World Scout Youth Forum in 2024, the 17th World Scout Moot in 2025, and the 26th World Scout Jamboree in 2027. Hear their ideas and plans for these events, and get ready for decision-making during the Conference.


Meetings and on-demand content

The virtual exhibition area will be open permanently during the Conference and Youth Forum with multimedia content ready for participants to explore at any time. At certain moments highlighted in the programme agenda, participants will be able to connect and meet with the exhibitors to have more in-depth discussions and ask questions.

To learn more about the virtual exhibitions area or request support, please contact members of the event planning team at