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Participant packing list for the Conference and Youth Forum

This years Conference and Youth Forum packing list is a little different from past events. You don’t need to remember your sunscreen or pack warm clothes, but we do encourage to bring along some small items to fully engage with the virtual events.

Check out the list below to make sure you are prepared for the various plenary sessions during the events and are able to enjoy each moment. Please note that some workshops may also require you bring along materials, but these will be outlined in the individual sessions. 

A candle and something to light it (Conference opening and closing sessions): Scouts are always lighting the way towards creating a better world! Moments that bring us together are key parts of any Scout event, so make sure you have a candle ready to join in with some memorable unifying moments during Conference opening and closing sessions

Water bottle: Being hydrated is important, you wont be walking between sessions but keeping some water or other drinks close by during the event is important to keep you energised. 

Snacks: There are no catered breaks with snacks, but you can certainly pack your own! Choose some healthy options to keep you going during the event.

Headphones: Being able to hear whats happening is important at both events. Make sure to use quality headphones handy and sit in a quiet place during the sessions to hear properly. If you are going to speak, make sure have headphones with a microphone so that everyone can hear you clearly. 

Full uniform (Conference and Youth Forum opening and closing sessions): With every Scout event we dress our best for the opening and closing ceremonies. Just because we are going virtual, the dress code is the same. Press and ready those shirts and scarves for these two key moments at the Conference and Youth Forum

Comfortable clothes: You will be watching and engaging with the Conference for at least four hours at a time during plenaries. Uniform is only required for the opening and closing ceremonies so feel free to wear something comfortable the rest of the time. 

Timer: Keep yourself moving throughout the events. Set your timer at regular intervals and make sure you stand up every 20 minutes for at least one minute. 

Personal Action Plan (Youth Forum only): You can find your Youth Forum Personal Action Plan for download on the Preparing Your Delegation page of the website. Have it printed out and ready to work on in the relevant Youth Forum sessions. 

Youth Forum preparations and reading list: Make sure you have everything ready and at hand during the important sessions of the Youth Forum. Bookmark the Youth Forum page on the event website so you can access guidance about preparing Resolutions guidance and other key information. 

Conference preparations and reading list (Conference only): Have any last minute questions about the Resolutions or how the Rules of Procedure work? Make sure you bookmark the event website and Documents page so everything is at your fingertips.

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Participant packing list for the Conference and Youth Forum