Safe from Harm

Safe from Harm

Staying Safe from Harm at the events

Creating a safe, positive and inclusive environment is a priority for all World Scouting events, including the Conference and Youth Forum. The exceptional virtual setting of these events is an opportunity for us to implement Safe from Harm practices and procedures at all times before and during the events to ensure participants feel safe, secure and supported. Here you will find some more information to help you better understand how to have a safe experience at the Conference and Youth Forum.

Safe from Harm

Duty of participants

To build a safe online environment for everyone during the Conference and Youth Forum, participants are required to follow the Code of Conduct applicable to both events, and must take the two mandatory Safe from Harm e-learning courses:

Conference and Youth Forum Safe from Harm course

Attend course:

Safe from Harm during online events course

Attend course:

Participants who do not complete these e-learning courses and share the certificate of completion with their Head of Delegation will not be able to participate. If the rules set by the Code of Conduct are violated by any participant, a range of actions may be taken which could result in removal from the Conference or Youth Forum, or further disciplinary action. 

Safe from Harm

Reporting a Safe from Harm situation

If you experience or witness a situation that makes you or the person involved feel uncomfortable, scared or threatened, it is your duty to report it. You may report a potential Safe from Harm situation through the following channels: 

Write an email to for the Youth Forum and to for the Conference.

Alert a WOSM team member of the situation.

Share your concern with the Safe from Harm Listening Ears.

For all inquiries, the Safe from Harm team will assess the situation according to the Safe from Harm procedures and take the appropriate measures to report and resolve the issue.

Safe from Harm

Safe from Harm in Scouting

The purpose of the World Safe from Harm Policy is to protect all members from any harm. Abuse, harassment and bullying are completely unacceptable within Scouting. The Safe From Harm policy and procedures are mandatory at all world, regional and national Scout events. 

Throughout the Conference and Youth Forum, our aim is to protect participants online and provide them with valuable information aligned with our approach to safeguarding. A team of Safe from Harm moderators will monitor the event platforms and channels to ensure that participants are Safe from Harm during their virtual event experience.

The World Safe From Harm Policy is implemented alongside the WOSM Code of Conduct that outlines how members of WOSM are expected to behave in various settings. 

Learn more on the Safe From Harm page and for further questions or support please contact