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Young people from around the world gather virtually for 14th World Scout Youth Forum

Over 700 young leaders representing 162 National Scout Organizations will gather for the 14th World Scout Youth Forum which is taking place virtually from 18-22 August for the first time in the Scout Movement’s history. The event will be the largest Youth Forum ever convened bringing young people together from around the world to develop leadership skills and be involved in making decisions that will shape the future of the Scout Movement.

The theme of the event, “Bridging the World”, will challenge participants to think about how they can build bridges across communities and countries to create a more peaceful and sustainable world. The Youth Forum programme willcentre around topics such as innovation, global citizenshipleadership, education for sustainable development, health and well-being, and skills for life
During the Youth Forum, participants will work to produce a Youth Forum Declaration sharing the opinions and perspectives of young people about what is most important to them for the future of Scouting. They will also develop personal action plans to guide their personal growth during and after the event, and identify how best to transform the outcomes of the Youth Forum into local and national actions.
Delegates will also elect six Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee, and work together in International Teams to discuss and propose Draft Amendments to the Conference Resolutions for National Scout Organizations to consider putting forward during the upcoming 42nd World Scout Conference. 
“The Youth Forum allows participants to share the best of themselves and their cultures, and to discover the diversity and unity of our Scout Movement,” said Diana Carrillo, Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee and Chairperson of the 14th World Scout Youth Forum. The Youth Forum is a platform that empowers young people in Scouting to be global active citizens and leaders in their communities and national organisationsYoung people have the power to change the world, and the Youth Forum offers that vision along with tools to do so.”
This year Scouts will be convening virtually allowing more young people than ever to participate and tune in to the plenary sessions streamed live on social media. Over the course of the five-day event, participants will engage in an exciting programme that will feature keynote speakers including Gitanjali Rao, a STEM Scout and TIME’s 2020 Kid of the Year, as well as a host of workshops facilitated by leading international organizations such as UNHCR, WWF, UNICEF and the World Health Organization. 
As with all Scouting events, the health and safety of participants is a top priority. Strict safeguarding measures have been put in place for the virtual event, including mandatory Safe from Harm courses, listening ears, online chat moderation, and a dedicated team available throughout the event to respond to any safety concerns. 
Participants will work closely in their International Teams to be part of the educational, institutional and social aspects of the programme. Networking sessions, cultural celebrations and a virtual exhibition space are all part of the dynamic agenda that will enable young people to have fun and connect with other Scouts from around the globe during this year’sYouth Forum. 

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Young people from around the world gather virtually for 14th World Scout Youth Forum