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Youth Forum International Teams programme for participants

Engaging with new people from different backgrounds is an important aspect of Scouting. During the Youth Forum, participants from all over the world will get to come together in International Teams. These teams will meet up for 15 minutes at the end of each day’s plenary session.
The setup for the Youth Forum International Teams will be communicated by email to participants before the event. These group meetings offer a daily reflection moment and opportunity to take part in fun challenges together. You will also workin your teams during sessions to discuss Conference Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments, as well as prepare the Youth Forum Declaration.
As a sneak peak, you can already see the daily program and prompts for the team meetings in this blog post. Each day, you will get to complete a team building activity and take part in a creative challenge. Browse them below.

Day 1  – Get Ready for the Youth Forum – Finding Together and Bonding

Wednesday, 18 August at 10:00 GMT 
Activity  For your first day, it’s all about getting to know each other. Please share with your teammates:
  • Your name and which National Scout Organization (NSO) delegation you are part of
  • Which city or country you currently live in (and what the best local food is there!)?
  • What you would like to learn throughout this Youth Forum?
  • What your expectations are in regards to the Youth Forum experience?
Challenge  Let’s start off by getting some structure into your teams as well as familiarizing yourself with the Personal Action Plan:
  1. Give a unique and creative name to your team.
  2. Appoint a team leader and complete this form to notify the organizing team who this person will be. The role of the team leader is to represent your team whenever this is needed.
  3. Download and browse through the Personal Action Plan available on this webpage. Then reflect on your Scout journey by sharing a photo of a positive memory in Scouting, or from a project that had a great impact on you.

Day 1  Daily International Team Meeting  Woohoo, Dance Party

Wednesday, 18 August at 15:45 GMT 
Activity  Now that the Youth Forum has really started, discuss with your teammates:
  • What was your favorite moment of the day?
  • Did you face any challenges? What were they and how did you encounter them?
Challenge  Let’s get moving together! Dancing your heart out like no one is watching is a fun way to connect with other people, wherever in the world they might be. Try out the Youth Forum and Conference dance developed by a group of Scouts in Kenya. Post your videos to social media using the hashtags #ScoutYouthForum and #ScoutDanceChallenge

Reminder  Don’t forget to complete the first day in your Personal Action Plan after your team meeting.

Day 2 –  Daily International Team Meeting – Smile, it’s Selfie Time

Thursday, 19 August at 15:45 GMT 
Activity – Wow, what an inspiring keynote by Gitanjali Rao! Reflect and discuss your learnings within your team:
  • What do you takeaway from the keynote speech? How did Gitanjali Rao’s work inspire you? 
  • Share a good practice that inspired you most during the Scouts for SDGs project showcase? Why did you choose it?
Challenge – Show us your best smile, grin or grimace  do a coordinated team pose, or even dress up. There are no limits to your creativity. Take a group photo (screenshot) and share it on social media with your team name and a reflection from todays experience. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ScoutYouthForum.

Day 3 –  Daily International Team Meeting – Make New Friends

Friday, 20 August at 15:45 GMT 
Activity – It’s already the third day of the Youth Forum! Let’s look back a bit and discuss in your teams:
  • Share one thought on a workshop that you’ve attended.
  • Have you already identified an idea for your Personal Action Plan? Share with your team what vision you want to pursue. 
Challenge  What are the other teams up to? Use this opportunity to connect with a different team and maybe even make some new friends. Reach out to a different team and set up an exchange meeting between your two teams before the event closes. You can get to know each other by sharing your Youth Forum experiences, having a dance party to your favorite songs or playing an online game. 

Day 4 –  Daily International Team Meeting – A Rainbow of Languages

Saturday, 21 August at 15:45 GMT 
Activity – Reflect and discuss with your teammates how the Youth Forum has encouraged your personal development:
  • What was the best thing that happened to you or that you discovered about yourself  during the Youth Forum?
  • How confident on a scale from 1 to 5 do you feel with regards to carrying out your Personal Action Plan?
Challenge – How do your mother tongues sound? Do any of you share a language? Let’s discover the diversity in languages within your team. Translate the sentence We want to leave the world better than we found it” into at least two different languages and teach all team members how to say the sentence in both. You can then make a video of the team all saying the phrase and share it on social media using the hashtag #ScoutYouthForum.

Day 5 –  Daily International Team Meeting – Pen Pals for Life?

Sunday, 22 August at any suitable time
There is no set International Team meeting time slot on this last day, so connect with your team at any time that suits all of you to say goodbye (at least for now).
Activity – We all love to receive mail and nice words from a dear Scout friend! So let’s get writing:
Each person chooses another in the team to send a postcard or letter to, sharing your memories of them during the event. Don’t forget to exchange addresses before disconnecting! 
Challenge  You sharing your insights and experiences on your preferred platforms might inspire other Scouts to attend another World Scout Youth Forum in the future. We therefore challenge you to one last International Team post. Share via social media one thing that you learned from working in your International Team. How was this experience for you?Don’t forget to include the Youth Forum hashtag #ScoutYouthForum in your post.

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Youth Forum International Teams programme for participants