A draft agenda overview for the Conference has been published, giving an opportunity for Member Organizations to understand the agenda in the context of a virtual delivery format and for them to provide input. Watch this space for a draft of the Youth Forum agenda. More detailed versions of the agendas will be released as the events draw nearer.

World Scout Youth Forum Agenda

The World Scout Youth Forum programme will see an increased emphasis on collaboration between young people of different national and cultural backgrounds, as well as an exploration of key issues of interest to young people within Scouting and the wider global community. There will also be reports from Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee on work achieved during the current triennium and elections for the next triennium’s Youth Advisors.

World Scout Conference Agenda

The programme of the World Scout Conference will showcase the work achieved during the 2017-2020 Triennium as well as the 2020-2021 WOSM plan, before focusing on key decisions to be made for the future of WOSM. Such decisions will include agreeing on the next World Triennial Plan, voting on topics of importance to the movement through the Conference Resolutions, selecting the hosts for future World Scout Events, and electing the next World Scout Committee. Throughout the event, delegations will have the opportunity to share best practices with other NSOs, learn about the opportunities available to Scouting through collaborations with our partners, and be inspired by stories of Scouts from around the world making huge impact in their communities.

Draft agenda overview

Delivering a virtual Conference brings with it a newly imagined agenda structure providing programme content in advance, bringing together everyone for a set period each day for key Conference moments and delivering a variety of engaging social and educational programmes at various times both live and on-demand. Prepare to be engaged, feel the unity of the movement, be a part of taking key decisions for World Scouting and connect with fellow Scouts from around the World.

Conference Document 1 – Draft Agenda Overview