Conference Officers

Ensuring good governance

Conference Officers play an important role in ensuring good governance and the smooth delivery of the 43rd World Scout Conference by providing oversight and supporting institutional processes. Roles are filled by a diverse and expert team of individuals from across the Movement. 
Several Conference Officer roles are highlighted below.

Conference Chairpersons

The Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of the World Scout Conference are appointed by the World Scout Committee to lead the meeting of the Conference – as the general assembly of the World Organization of the Scout Movement – and ensure productive decision-making processes.


Amal Ridene


Speaks Arabic, French, English

Amal Ridene is a volunteer with Les Scouts Tunisiens where she holds the role of National Sustainability Lead. She also serves as the volunteer co-lead for the World Events Workstream for the 2021-2024 triennium, having previously acted as a Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee 2017-2021 and lead for the Youth Engagement Unit. Amal, who is pursuing a master’s degree in sustainable development, previously worked as an investor engagement officer at a Pan-African private equity firm. Eager to support the Conference’s decision-making process, she views the event as a valuable learning experience for the Movement and Scouting as a whole.


Madhusudan Avala


Speaks English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada

Madhusudan Avala is the Additional International Commissioner of The Bharat Scouts and Guides, where he is leading the initiative to redesign the Member Organization’s Youth Programme. He also chairs the Asia-Pacific Scout Regional Plan Monitoring Taskforce and is a WOSM Consultant for Growth, Good Governance, and Scouts for SDGs. In his professional life, Madhusudan is a financial consultant with a master’s degree in management and international business. He is a dedicated Scout advocating for good governance and youth engagement in decision-making processes across all levels, recognising Scouting’s role in fostering resilience among young people for a better world.


Edgar Marumbu


Speaks English, Kiswahili

Edgar Marumbu began his journey in Scouting at the age of eight, rising through the ranks to serve as National Youth Leader and Youth Advisor to the World Scout Committee 2017-2021, where he made significant contributions in the areas of communication and strategic engagement, not least in his capacity as a WOSM Consultant on Youth Programme and Communication. He was also Vice-chairperson of the 18th Africa Region Scout Conference. Edgar is pursuing a master’s degree in counselling psychology while professionally serving as deputy corporate communication officer at Kisii University, Kenya. He is eager to foster fruitful dialogue within Scouting and support a promising future for the Movement through the delivery of the Conference.

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee is comprised of a diverse and experienced group of individuals who support Member Organizations in the development, review, and submission of proposals to the World Scout Conference. During the Conference, the Resolutions Committee consolidates proposals from Member Organizations and presents them in a report to the Conference. 


Bragi Björnsson


Speaks English, Icelandic

Bragi Björnsson’s expertise bridges law and Scouting through a mix of legal proficiency and community involvement. With a seasoned legal career, his skills and knowledge extends across various domains such as corporate, labour and criminal law. Bragi’s international Scout leadership, notably as the previous Chairperson of the World Scout Committee’s Constitution Committee, underscores his dedication to organisational governance and global collaboration. With extensive local Scout leadership, including as Chief Scout of The Icelandic Boy and Girls Scout Association, he brings a wealth of experience for effective decision-making and consensus-building. Bragi’s motivation lies in upholding the legal integrity of WOSM and advocating for impactful initiatives beneficial to all Member Organizations.

United Arab Emirates

Khadija Alhammadi

Speaks Arabic, English, Korean (basic)

Khadija Alhammadi is an active member of the Emirates Scout Association, serving as Chairwoman of its Youth Committee and as the youngest member of its Board of Directors. She has undergone extensive leadership training, achieving the wood badge and was part of the planning team for the 1st International Leadership Training for the Arab Scout Region. Khadija represented her country’s delegation at the 14th World Scout Youth Forum and the 30th Arab Scout Conference. Professionally, Khadija is a life coach, content creator, and specialist in IT infrastructure with a background in mass communication and media. Eager for embrace new adventures, Khadija constantly seeks challenges in which to immerse herself and learn from around her.


Safidy Arno Ramarolahy

Speaks Malagasy, English, French

Safidy Arno Ramarolahy serves as the International Commissioner of the Scouts of Madagascar. Additionally, he holds the position of Deputy Commissioner General of Kiadin’I Madagasikara, the country’s secular and pluralistic National Scout Association. With a background in law and diplomacy, specialising in ISO standards and organisational development, he has contributed his expertise to various local organisations, including Scouting. Currently, he operates a training institute in heavy equipment engineering and was previously director of media regulatory issues within his government. As a member of the Conference Resolutions Committee, Safidy aims to promote inclusivity and pluralism by engaging discussions on marginalised communities.


Filipa Aroso

Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French (basic)

Filipa Arosa has been actively involved in Scouting since 2008. Currently serving as International Commissioner at Corpo Nacional de Escutas, she has held various local leadership positions, including head of division and regional international officer. Notably, she contributed to the Contingent Management Team for the World Scout Jamboree in 2023 and Roverway in 2024. Professionally, Filipa is the founder of a company dedicated to assisting farmers in transitioning to clean energy, such as solar and hydro. Filipa is driven by a desire for continuous learning opportunities and a commitment to fostering connections with Portuguese-speaking countries.


Grecia Bárcena

Speaks Spanish, English

Grecia Bárcena, a youth activist, nature advocate, and digital nomad, has been involved with the Scout Movement from the local to the international, bringing a wealth of experience to her roles. She has a decade of experience representing youth networks and organisations at the United Nations, including the Convention on Biological Diversity and Framework Convention on Climate Change. Grecia is currently establishing Biósfera Living Journeys, a social enterprise that supports local and indigenous communities through sustainable travel experiences. She holds a master’s degree in sustainable tourism with a major in international business and a minor in global Issues.

Scouts of China

David Yen-Cheng Lai

Speaks Mandarin, Hokkien, English

David Yen-Cheng Lai, the youngest board member of the Scouts of China, is involved in diverse range of Scouting areas, including international relations, Youth Programme, Better World Framework and Scouts for SDGs. For the World Triennial Plan 2021-2024, he has served on the WOSM Youth Engagement Taskforce and Youth Leadership Project Team. David’s leadership skills, cultivated through participation in the Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Forum, are complemented by an masters degree in political science and international Relations. David is dedicated to advancing organisational development within World Scouting.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee examines and verifies the credentials of delegates, observers, and guests. Members of the Credentials Committee are appointed by the World Scout Committee.


Mette Brock

Speaks Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, French (basic)

Mette Brock is an active member of her National Scout Association’s international steering committee and volunteer within the European Region’s Operational Framework. Mette, who recently completed a doctorate in engineering physics, is an industrial scientist who focuses on advancing technology for green energy transition. Within the Credentials Committee, Mette’s goal is to ensure an impartial and transparent approval process for delegates and participants, while advocating for procedural integrity throughout the Conference.


Mari Nakano

Speaks Japanese, English

Mari Nakano has extensive Scouting experience, having served on the National Board of the Scout Association of Japan for 20 years and on the World Scout Committee from 2011 to 2017. Mari spearheaded the innovating Scouting working group and currently chairs the World Honors and Awards Committee. With a master’s degree in human development, she works as a freelance translator and teacher of Japanese. With prior experience as a delegate and organiser of World Scout Conferences, Mari is committed to upholding the credentials of Member Organizations and ensure the Conference’s effectiveness as the highest decision-making body of World Scouting.

Ahmad Alhendawi

WOSM Secretary General