Draft Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments

Decision-making for the future of Scouting

Draft Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments are decisions proposed to the World Scout Conference that have a direct impact on the future of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the proposals before Member Organizations vote on them during the Conference.

Important deadlines

Step 1

Follow the Resolution and Amendment Guidelines (Conference Document 2B)

Step 2

Fill out the template

Step 3

Include the proposing and seconding Member Organization(s) name, country and signature of the Official Contact recorded in the World Scouting Directory

Step 5

Proposals are reviewed by Resolutions Committee and any feedback shared with the proposer.

Share your feedback

Delegations can learn about and contribute to the proposals in several ways:


Explore and learn about the Draft Resolutions, Constitutional Amendment, and their supporting information in the formal Conference Documentswhich are available in WOSM’s official and working languages with further translations available over the coming period


Delegations can use collaborative tools to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback on the proposals with otherparticipants. This is also an opportunity to build connections with other Member Organizations considering to formally propose an amendment. 


Connect with the proposers directly or write to [email protected] if you have a question or want to share operational actions as feedback. Contact emails for the proposers are available in the associated Conference Documents. 


How to submit an Amendment

To propose a change the text of a Draft Resolution or Constitutional Amendment, you must submit an amendment. Before doing so, careful consideration must be taken to ensure that any amendment follows the guidelines and does not alter the spirit of the original proposal.
Member Organizations have the opportunity to consider amendments to the following proposals. 

Read the Resolution and Amendment Guidelines (Conference Document 2B) for all the details on how to prepare an amendment

Be sure to follow all considerations found in the Resolution and Amendment Guidelines, including the checklist at the end of the document. 
Proposals and any amendments must address high-level concerns relating to the Movement. As such, they must avoid going into operational details, which is considered feedback that can be shared with the World Scout Bureau and World Scout Committee for consideration during implementation. 
All amendments:
  • Must be related to the topic raised in the proposal being amended.
  • Must not completely change the subject matter of the proposal being amended.
  • Must not correct spelling or grammatical errors.
Amendments to proposals that require a two-thirds majority (Rules of Procedure, rule 6.9) must also meet one of the following requirements:
    • Removes ambiguities or provides clarification of the proposal being amended.
    • Presents an intermediate position of the proposal being amended and current situation.
Include the proposing and seconding Member Organization(s) name, country, and signature of the Official Contact recorded in the World Scouting Directory.
Send to [email protected] by the deadline (exact time to be confirmed during the Conference Opening Session).
Amendments will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee. Any feedback will be shared with the proposer.
The Resolutions Committee’s report on the proposals will be shared ahead of the voting session during the Conference.
The proposals will be discussed and voted on during the relevant voting sessions at the Conference.

Get support

Resolution and Amendment Guidelines

Provides information developing proposals, including a checklist to ensure all key considerations have been followed.

Regional Support

Regional staff and volunteers are available to support or direct support to the right person throughout the drafting process of a resolution.

Conference Resolutions Index

Contains all business Resolutions adopted by the World Scout Conference since 1920.

Resolutions Committee

Composed of experienced and diverse members, the Resolutions Committee is available to support Member Organizations.